We are the World of Vending:

The World of Vending 2017

In Krefeld (located 20 km from Düsseldorf / DUS International Airport) you find in

                5.000 m2 warehouse

                          more than 4.000 used vending machines

                                      and 3.000 coin changers


We do not sell you anything that you do not need! However, for sure we have everything what you are looking for!

We ourself have years of experience with our own operatingIn 2009 we sold our Operating with 1,500 clients. We therfore know all responsibilities and duties of an operator.

We have the classics: coffee vending machines - as Espresso, Instant, Freshbrew and Capsule version - as free standing and table top machine, Snack vending machines, Drum vending machines and also Exotics like vending machines for: Sausages, French Fries, Ice cream or Pizza.

Our machines are used and - if not otherwice discribed - complete, but not tested for function.

We have no general price list - the prices depends on the model, the type, the age, the condition, the quantity you buy and the price we paid for the machines… (this also often is different)

The machines we have for sale you find on our homepage. Please let us know by mail in which machines and how much of them you are interested and we  can send you a personal offer.

We sell our used and untested devices without guarantee and we do not make any service work (programming etc.)

Please notice our terms.

You want to sell your Operating? All over Europe we have for many years very good contacts in the Vending industry and can be for you a mediator or consultant (of course with discretion). References available on request.

We kindly invite you to visit us! But - please make an appointment!