This offer is NOT addressed to private persons (consumer) but exclusively to legal or natural persons exercising their commercial or self-employed activities (entrepreneur) and with experience in the vending business at the time of conclusion of the contract. 

Unless explicitly stated otherwise, we keep  our offers four weeks  - but basically always only as long as the devices are still available (and not otherwise sold).

Unless explicitly stated otherwise, we keep four weeks to our offer prices tied - but basically always, are as long as the devices are still available (and not otherwise sold).

Most of the offerd devices come from a storage liquidaton and are used and not tested. Scratches, dents or bumps / deformations may exist. 

Caveat emptor: The sale takes place by exclusion of any guarantee. Warranty is also excluded for concealed defects which are not noted by the seller. Claims for damages for the benefit of the buyer are excluded. Information and pictures concerning the article to buy are only meant for description of state and scope of delivery, they are not warrant for qualities.

We sell our second-hand products under exclusion of any liability for defects and warranty of quality (Ausschluß der Sachmängelhaftung). However, such exclusion of liability for defects and warranty of quality will not apply in case of wilfull misconduct or gross negligence (Vorsatz oder grobe Fahrlässigkeit). Furthermore the aforementioned limitations will not apply:
- to the extent that the seller has assured a certain quality of the product (Zusicherung einer bestimmten Eigenschaft), has delivered a guaranty (Abgabe einer Garantie) or has fraudulenty hidden a defect (arglistiges Verschweigen eines Mangels),
- in case of a damage to life, limb, health, personal freedom or sexual self-determination of the buyer wich is based upon a wilfull or negligent violation of duties of the seller or  wilfull or negligent violation of duties of its statutory representatives or agents,
- to the extent that the damage is based upon a violation of cardinal obligations (Kardinalspflichten), i.e. the violation of material or typical contractual obligation, the proper fulfillment of which constitutes a condition sine qua non and on the fulfillment of which the buyer may rely.

The units will be sold - unchecked and untested - without guarantee and without right of return. The machines are not cleaned. No exchange. The buyer formally agrees with these terms and conditions.

Branding: All Brandings on the machines will be removed!

        For sale in EU countries, with intra-Community supply of goods  and your valid VAT number we can issue an invoice with net amounts.
  • With the purchase the customer expressly agrees to confirm after arrival of the goods in rhe EU Country this to World of Vending.
  • For the purchase of small quantities in Non-EU countries, we calculate the VAT (19%). After we got the Export confirmation we can pay out the VAT to your bank account. Therfore we charge a fee of 75 EUR. Or we can change the amount with your next purchase with us.
  • For EU-Export declaration we charge 100 EUR. If you need EUR_1 form, ATR or Certificate of Origin (please inform us with your order!!!) we charge 70 EUR for it.

Payment Terms: Exclusively prepayment by bank transfer! Only in exceptional case we accept cash payment by collection. The total of the appeared articles must be credited within 3 working days on our account. With delayed payment entrance we reserve ourselves the right to sell the devices to other clients.

Regional features / Restrictions: We sell our products worldwide. But we have made arrangements with some of our suppliers thatdo not sell this purchased used equipment in the countries in which our respective supplier is acting as operator. These countries are different depending on the supplier. So please understand that we have to make a sale of the origin of the device depends on the individual case and that a sale maybe can not offered by us.

Pick up: At the latest 10 days after payment entrance the bought devices must be picked up. By delays we are entitled to charge  10 EUR per machine per day. Pick ups only after personal appointment!

Locks: The machines are - unless otherwise specified - sold without locks / keys. In arrangement with us, you can get - if available - (used) locks  (standard closing) for an extra charge of 20  per piece.

Foot covers: The foot covers are not available on all machines. In our description this has no effect on the statement about the completeness of the device. Please check with us before your order if machines have a foot cover - or not. Depending on the model, we can provide you with a new foot shield (from the manufacturer) for an extra charge (60-80 EUR). The delivery time must be noticed.

Incoterms 2010: EXW D - 47800 Krefeld

Loading times: MO-DO  8.30h - 12.30h und 13.30h - 16.00, FR  until 13.00h

Transport Notice:  In the EX Works sale, the seller helps to place the goods on the vehicle as directed by the person collecting(driver / transporteur). The safe and reliable loading under the applicable state of the cargo security technology made by the collector,who uses properly trained crewThe collector also provides the necessary safeguarding devices. The seller does not control the performance of cargo security measures that have made the transporteur or his assistants.The seller is not liable for damagesstemming from inadequate cargo securing.

Winter Information: The coffee machines usually have residual water in the boiler. We provide a frost-proof storage up to the loading! In case of  existing or expected freezing temperatures please provide a frost-free transportation (eg, thermal case). If you want this service, please ask for this together with your order. We then can calculate the work and inform you if this is possible at all or how much time we need for it.

To drain the water from the Espresso vending machines, we charge € 40 per machin.

Wrapping: If desired we wrap the devices for transport with paper and foil. Plaese inform us together with your order if you want this extra-service.  (Add. costs 20 Euro each).

Summary - special fees:

  • Lock / Key (20 €) - if available
  • Wrapping  (20 € / machine)
  • EU Export Customs papers (100 €)
  • EUR_1 form, ATR, Certificate of Origin (70 €)
  • Boiler Emptying (40 € / machine) - if possible
  • Foot covers (60-80 €)

Jurisdiction: Place of fulfillmentand court of jurisdiction is Krefeld.

Location of goods: D - 47800 Krefeld